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Maintenance And Support

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website maintenance plan

We have categorised our blueprints according to several specifications. The majority of businesses would need to update their websites at least once every month. This enables them to share visitors’ information with users in a timely and relevant manner. However, businesses that conduct their operations online, such as e-commerce, would necessitate regular updates to the website. The home page and other landing pages of an e-commerce website need to be changed according to the season and new products added to the website. In addition, we offer more sophisticated server and database management services for maintaining and managing websites. These plans are for businesses whose online databases include sensitive data.

Website Maintenance

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Our plans

website maintenance plan

Besic Plan

The text, graphics, and other materials will all be changed in accordance with this strategy. On the website, we’ll alter, remove, and add pictures and videos. We can also make minor adjustments to the background and text colours. We don’t make any significant website adjustments in this strategy. This strategy is appropriate for website owners who want to make minor updates to their sites’ content to make it more current.

Intermediate Plan

This plan is designed for websites that require minor updates often and regular database and website backups. Along with all services covered by the basic plan, this plan also includes creating new pages, redesigning existing ones, updating information about services, goods, or portfolios, and adding new products to e-commerce websites. Additionally, server and database management services are included by this package. To guarantee that the data on the website is secure even if the website crashes, we will frequently back up the database and website. We additionally optimise the server and web pages to address the website’s slow loading issue. To make significant changes to websites, even those related to the Internet, you might need to sign up for an advanced plan.

Advanced Plan

This plan is for websites with extensive and dynamic functionality and features, such as e-commerce websites or cloud-based software. We will completely modify the website’s dynamic features and make significant design adjustments. Additionally, we will update the website’s copy and other items. The assurance of safety is yet another distinctive aspect of this plan. We oversee server and database management and make sure your website and data are secure from hacker assaults and other threats. We examine the website for security flaws and patch them if we discover any. The significance of routine website maintenance is beyond dispute. Depending on the needs of the website and business, the length and scope of these maintenance procedures may change.